Minimalist Interior Design – Redefine the way your Interiors look

7 Jan

Why not give your home a clean look with a minimalist interior design style? Minimalism is about playing around with color, lighting and also space and the general rule is to add to the rooms only what is necessary. When we talk about minimalist interiors what comes to mind is white decor and mainly open spaces as minimalism seeks to strike the perfect balance between what is essential and light.

Minimalism refers to an artistic movement that uses minimal elements and basics like pure colors, simple geometric shapes and the use of natural fabrics. This doesn’t mean you can’t still include many of the more extravagant items which you may have previously been keep to protect with a comprehensive home insurance policy. However, when it comes to your decor choices, you should aim to keep it simple in order to achieve the minimalistic effect. In order for you to add the minimalist interior look you would have to integrate all these elements in a balanced way to get the feel of space and calmness at home.

Where to Start?

Usually we find that it is almost impossible to change the look of the whole house at once and so we have to start with the different rooms. The advantage of this is that it will inspire us to do the rest of the rooms as we go along. In the lounge, start with the furniture. Place a sofa with a neutral solid color, cream or white or even off white will do nicely. Decorate the sofa with cushions that match the style and colors.  And now the difficult part: getting rid of the bits and pieces that we really do not need or use. Most minimalist interior designers recommend that you only dispense of the very essential furniture like the coffee table, sofa and TV stand.

It is important to always say no to anything that could signify an excess like pieces of furniture that you don’t really use. When it comes to color, choose only one and stick with it; think black, greys, beiges and chocolate. Paint the walls white and try to decorate only with one or two tables. If your lounge has large French doors or windows, you can choose cream curtains to allow the natural light to come through. When talking about accessories choose only single elements or materials like wood or metal. Glass will most definitely look fantastic with the white walls as it reflects and adds to the sense of space.

Try adding pieces or accessories in odd numbers; three candles nicely place will look better than four and add a better sense of balance to the room.

In the dining room, have only the chairs that you need so we can balance space and shape nicely. For minimalist interior decorating style, bar stools are perfect in the kitchen especially if you haven’t got room for a kitchen table. If you do, stay away from any tablecloths or centerpieces that do not add to the decor. A nice small vase with a couple of colorful blossoms will do. Add spacious exquisiteness and beauty with an under mount kitchen sink for the ultimate minimalist and clean-cut design.

Keep bathrooms minimal by having only the necessary accessories. A walk in shower is the ideal solution to space saving and also a real trend nowadays. Cream walls and plenty of light coming through if your bathroom has windows. Light colored blinds will add to the minimalist design.

In the bedroom you would want to have only the mattress or maybe a futon, a side table and wardrobe. For ultimate comfort check out My Memory Foam Mattress Pad. Use neutral colored sheets, again cream or white to add brightness to the room.  Think of closet storage systems and other devices that might help you with organising your clothes and other accessories like shoes or towels: remember, we are looking into creating as much visual space as possible.

Avoid any type of pattern and dress the windows with light colored blinds or curtains. Pine is also a good option when thinking of the minimal furniture you are going to have in your bedroom. You can also opt for a contemporary style while keeping the look simple and functional with Danish modern furniture. Whichever style you decide to use to  incorporate the minimalist look in your home, always try to achieve a sense of space together with simplicity, taste, harmony and balance.


You will find that minimalist interior designs are great in terms of keeping your rooms clean as there is not that much furniture to go through. Also, if your home needed that “extra space” the white colors will add that feel. Modern minimalist interior design is based on storage and how clever can you be at “hiding” your accessories like towels, blankets, shoes and coats. Have three books on the shelf and you will read them. That simple.

Minimalist interior design will also help you to relax and feel one with your home. The important thing is to understand that general home decoration doesn’t have to be about expensive accessories from top department stores. It is about defining the person within the confines of their home.

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