The Modern Kitchen – Taste, Elegance and Ergonomics

27 Jan

Kitchen Accents 3

Think twice and you will find that the modern kitchen is the place where housewives spend the better of their day.

If it comes in an open-door combination with the dining room, chances are the children and father squad will be rubbing shoulders with that cooking mum and wife for two meals a day… at least. Being that frequented ascribes this family locus a vital task – to teach taste. The modern kitchen is then the handiest mentor as it enshrines the latest designer findings as regards elegance and ergonomics and, what is more, originality.

A quick tour around several models can drive this point home.

Lean geometry singles out original spots

Modern Kitchen

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The careful descent down to the three-color range has made the otherwise striking colors not only tolerate each other but also accentuate the available planes. The kitchen doors and the kitchen cupboards form a lean geometry of horizontal and vertical lines that as if point to the original centerpiece of the room – the centered table and chair ensemble alongside the stove.

This non-standard immediate proximity between the two is an achievement of ergonomics – food is a hand away. Not least, contact with food from its cooking through serving to eating creates that necessary tantalizing effect to all the senses that makes one cherish each and every bite of it. Electric underfloor heating would save you from placing dated carpets and at the same time allow for more ample storage or decorative areas.

Unostentatious background to make tidbits stand out

Modern Kitchen 2

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The straight lines that go straight vertical and straight horizontal point to the interplay between the background and the foreground. Their repetitiveness as a background helps one easily put his eye to all the kitchen appliances and tidbits that create the coziness in the hearth of that modern kitchen.

Light is king

Modern Kitchen 3

photo by ☺ Lee J Haywood

Good kitchen lighting is essential. This particular model teaches a very good lesson about the importance of daylight. The ample use of windows and glazed surfaces – the kitchen tiles, kitchen cupboards and the kitchen table – and the bright red color choice of the kitchen curtains sing the hymn of light against the muffled tones of a fitted kitchen. Your children there will feel as if outdoors in such a setting, regardless whether wintertime or summertime.

A modern kitchen is a must for all parents who want to usher their kids straight into the the 21st century because it introduces the huge strides that kitchen designers have gone to make full use of available, space, light, materials and the interplay in between them. A modern kitchen passes their fast-learning experience on.

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