Your New Bathroom – Choices, Ideas and Final Touches

15 Jun

The decision is made! the budget is set the finances are in place and finally you are planning your new bathroom after re-thinking the whole of your home decoration or perhaps just revamping that useful room from scratch. You will be full of excitement as you begin to ponder the many aspects of your new bathroom design. The excitement may fall off slightly as you realize the hard work and planning involved in general bathroom remodelling. Many stores offer a planning service, or you can download an application to help you with this crucial stage of your design. If you are getting the professionals in to fit your room, you will almost certainly be given advice and assistance, however be careful not to let over zealous salespeople talk you in to over spending.

Making the Right Choices

Whatever the fuss involved be sure that you make the right choices at the planning stage and once you have made your major decisions you are advised not to change them as this could affect aspects such as drains and other practical considerations. If you are simply replacing the bathroom suites for new bathroom suites with the same measurements then you will not have to worry so much, but if you are looking at a brand new bathroom with a new interior design then things could become unsettled as ideas are tried and tested in the planning stage. Compromises may well have to be reached on many aspects, including the style if space is limited and the price.>

New Bathroom Ideas

New ideas may involve a double basin corner bathroom vanity unit to save space and introduce storage for all the bits you accumulate. Initially it will be the choice of larger items you are selecting; you may want a roll top old styled cast iron bath or be examining the latest new bathroom trends. Do research your ideas thoroughly as you may find items that have the slightly smaller dimensions you require, also check on the price comparison websites for the best deals, remembering that delivery often costs money so factor this in when calculating the  costs of your new look bathroom. Home Depot has an excellent range of fixtures and stylish fittings to compliment your new bath or shower room, do consider the finished look at the design stage, but do not get carried away by the finishing touches quite just yet.

If you are planning a new small bathroom with limited space, perhaps in a small flat or as an additional room; it could be you are fitting an en-suite for example. You may want to forgo the new bath tub and instead just install a roomy shower enclosure, this gives you more room for your sink and may allow you to incorporate storage into your new room. Another idea is to consider installing an integrated-membrane wet room. Often having level-access these rooms are ideally suited to people with disabilities and suppliers will advise on all aspects including accessories such as grab rails. A wet room is a really modern addition to your home and certainly worth considering if you can afford the costs involved.

Final Touches

When the major planning of your new bathroom is done you can get down to the more fun aspects of bathroom color schemes. Your tile floor will probably have been considered in the design stage but now you can really begin to see your design coming together you will be examining the range of wall tiles available. Remember if you wish to sell your home, or are adding new bathrooms as an investment for when you decide to move on, it is a good idea to stick to neutral shades. White is a good color for tiles and you can introduce your personal style with accessories. Shower curtains, bath caddies, bath mats and towels can transform the simplest room into an exotic oasis (see seashell bathroom decor) and can also be changed as regularly as wish to inject a new exciting look into your decor with minimal cost. Exciting.

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