Seashell Bathroom Decor

13 May

Thinking about adding that seaside feel to your bathroom? Out of all the bathroom decorating ideas you could think of, seashell bathroom decor is most definitely popular due to its freshness, sense of calm and natural beauty. There are many accessories to compliment this particular decor; from shower curtains to soap dishes, shower hooks, bath rugs, hand towels, tumblers, lotion pumps, tissue box covers, baskets, wallpaper borders and even seashell toilet seats. Don’t neglect your bathroom; when it comes to people’s home decor this is one of the rooms that are easy to forget. Your bathroom deserves as much attention as the rest of the house, and a theme is always a good idea if you want to add style and personality to your room. Seashell bathroom decorations are easy to find and, best of all, quite inexpensive. You can have a complete makeover in no time while at the same time spending little money.

Seashell Bathroom Decor IdeasBasics for the Scheme

Lets have a look at what would constitute the basics in order to achieve the desired theme:

  1. Colors: Think of the soft colors of nature when decorating your bathroom. Light browns and blues are evocative of the sand and the sea. Shells are a great accessory and display wonderful colors as well as being a classic and many items display this very charming motif. There are many hues to consider; think of shades of blue and yellow, white, aqua and peach or any other tone that is gentle and calm.
  2. Natural elements: You can add your own personal style by using natural elements like pebbles, shells and sand to decorate your bathroom. You can be really creative with these elements and use them as ornaments on your cabinets, next to the mirror or around the bath area.
  3. Bathroom accessories: You could have seashell curtains and other seashell bathroom accessories. Add framed seashell photos to the room; they will spring up the theme and not many people think of using these. Check out our bathroom seashell decorations post for great inspiration with a vast range of appealing and visually exciting  accessories!

Some people are really inspired by the theme and like to create a strong visual impact with this type decor. You can take it further and also decorate other rooms in the house. Seashells are indeed very beautiful elements and seem to convey the mysteries of the ocean. Use them to encance the overall desired effect.

Seashell Bathroom Accessories

Where would you start? You really need to nail this theme down in order to get the right seashell bathroom accessories without going over the top, which is a mistake many people make. Stick with one color scheme (see below), and follow with every accessory you buy. Toilet seats, drawer knobs, lights, curtain hooks, soap dish, toilet brushes, and shower curtains  are some basics you could consider.

Choosing the Right Color Schemes -

When thinking of the colors that reproduce the feel of the ocean, there are also other interesting bathroom color schemes you can take into consideration. Here is a guide that can help you:

1) Seashell Decor:

White, Lilac, Powder Blue

2) Mosaics and Fish:

Terracotta, Sea green, Cream, Pale blue-green, Deep blue-green

3) Treasure Island:

Electric Blue, Lemon yellow, cherry Red, Warm yellow

4) Nautical Theme:

Burgundy, Grey, Silver ceramic paint, White, Black

5) Coral Reef:

Sea green, White, Orange, Deep blue-green, Red, Ultramarine, Lemon yellow, Gold spray paint

6) Rock Pools:

Cream, Iridescent orange, red, Iridescent pink, Sugar pink, Gold acrylic

Sketching and Planning

Use a pad to sketch and plan how you want your bathroom to look, how you will incorporate all the different elements and accessories. Before you start sketching, relax and think of the sea. One of the first things that come into mind is the refreshing and calm feel; try to capture it with color and imagination. The floor could re-create the feel of sand by incorporating its tones and hues – yellow, gold, white, beige, light browns and teal. For the New England look, paint your floor either plain white or blue and white stripes.

Some Seashell Bathroom Ideas you Can Easily Implement

For a seashell bath decor add the right patterned curtains or blind as well as the soap dish and bathmat. Place candles with embedded seashells and starfish in the corner of the bath or on a shelf next to the bath. If you can’t find the right candles place regular ones amongst sand, pebbles and shells on a bowl. You could use the big scallop shell as a soap dish or a candle holder with fine sand beneath it. If you still have an old fashion cord to pull the light switch on attach a couple of shells to the end, or how about placing the right mat to compliment your seashell bath decor theme? The beauty of the cord is that it would give the wind chime effect that will always remind you of the sea, and the mat works as a reminder every time you get ready for your bath.

A big conch shell will bring to life any corner or window sill, shelf, top of cabinet, etc. Instead of an ordinary frame on a plane mirror why not use driftwood incorporated with some shells. All of these can also add to the style of your home decoration in general. Remember to keep consistent within the rooms (colors could be a joining theme-thread).

Have a look at any other accessories needed to complement and finish your new seashell bathroom decor but try not to go over the top always remembering less is more.

**Nothing beats nature. For great seashell bathroom ideas, bring the beach back home
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