Tropical Decor at Home

14 Jun

If you are considering tropical home decor for your new look, you will be keen to find ideas to help you transform your home decoration whether it is the one room you are looking to change or the whole of your habitacle area. Tropical decor will really make your room stand out from the rest and colors that spring to mind are the pinks of the flamingo, the yellows of pineapple, and the greens of the lime citrus fruit. Try placing vases in these colors around your home, full of exotic plants such as birds of paradise for a really effective look.

Where to Start

Tropical decorations to enhance your room must be considered with care and careful research will be of use to you. What exactly does tropical decorating mean to you? Your thoughts may conjure up the beach holiday you enjoyed with the exotic palm tree and the stunning plumage of the parrot in oranges blues reds and greens. With so many vibrant colors available where to start may be your main problem.

Consider brightly colored tropical wall decor to accent your lounge as an alternative to great swathes of colors. Your individuality will really shine through with this theme and your creativity will really be what makes the room compliment you and your fun loving lifestyle. Tropical furniture in Bamboo rattan, bamboo blinds and other accessories like wicker baskets and most types of wicker furniture will help you to achieve this look. Particularly if you draw on the vibrant colors you enjoy for soft furnishings, the cushion covers and curtains as well as rugs on the living room floor to further brighten the area.

Compliment the look with lamps in natural fibers like wicker, or large paper lantern type shades for the ceiling lights or use battery operated ambient LED tiki lights to change the color and mood of the area. You could also try fitting a fan light to the ceiling for that colonial feel and introduce plants such as the Sago Palm (Cycads) they are very Palm-like to look at whilst being only distantly related to the true palms. Orchids can also bring an exotic tropical feel to a room.

In the Bathroom

A tropical decorating style is well suited to a bathroom where you can incorporate coastal and nautical themes to give a tranquil holiday feel. Ttropical bathroom decor will easily incorporate nautical accents such as beach signs or island decor. For the seashell bathroom decor look consider using sea shells for soap dishes or a stained glass sun catcher in your bathroom window. Vibrant candles standing in buckets of sand, or glass vases filled with pebbles create a lovely relaxing environment when lit.

Tropical Breeze Decor

For a decorating tropical theme that really stands out from the rest have a look at the Tropical Breeze Decor store that will give you some pointers in acquiring the style you want in your home. If you want an outdoor tropical theme the suggestions above can easily be transferred to the patio, balcony or yard. You can really let your sense run riot with Moroccan blue and tangerines on the walls, or why not paint a palm tree and  with the addition of flamboyant or bamboo sun umbrellas and some bright loungers you have recreated your beach holiday.

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