Tuscan Decor – Decorating in the Tuscan Style

21 Jul

When considering revamping your home decoration with new decorating styles, Tuscan decor has a lot to offer and can be achieved quite easily. This style of decorating is rustic and worn, so if you have textured walls it is a good way to work with what you have to achieve Tuscan inspired decorating style. The inspiration may be rolling hills of Italy or the rustic influences of farmhouse villas or Italian hand painted ceramics, but your art does not have to be Italian, it just needs elements that reflect Italian decor to you. Your decorating is about your personal taste and applying aspects of the theme to your home can be about tapping into ideas to reflect your personality.

Setting the Scene

Nature has a wealth of inspiration to offer when you are choosing colors and textures and Mediterranean decor has many aspects you can draw on to inspire you. If it’s Tuscan kitchen decor you seek, you may find you are able to reflect the concepts by adding a ceramic kitchen canisters, and mimic the tones or style of that in your kitchen curtains. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a Tuscan kitchen look so ripping up the old floor to put in new floor tiles is not necessary when some wrought iron trivets and natural stone place mats to accessorise what you already have will give you the required ambience.

Your Tuscan style decorating may simply reflect the Italian love of food, the kitchen being the place that you welcome loved ones to eat and relax around natural hues and fibres. Additions such as a rustic metal pot rack hanging from the ceiling and a ceramic salad bowl set may be the additions that compliment and pull your theme together.

Living Room Color Schemes

Natural tones and fabrics, Tuscan colors such as sand and pebble, all variations on creams or off whites and greys with elements of browns and green with probably dominate. Darker woods and metals will be brought into the room; it could be metal curtain poles and finials to compliment your existing curtains, it is always cost effective to utilise what you already have in your home.

As Tuscan home decor is about rustic and worn, your old wooden furniture will come into its own in this setting, the old mismatched bedroom chairs will be dragged from the boudoir, and one perhaps coupled with a wrought iron wall console table complete with stone top, whilst another sits by the old wooden storage box with the pewter lamp alongside. Your new design will get some uniformity as you apply natural linen seat pads or cushions to pull the mismatched items together and build the look you are attempting to achieve. Place an old leather tub chair in one of the corners to add a sense of style to the room.

Decorative mirrors have a place in all settings and Tuscan decorating is no different, try paint effects to create a parchment or stone look on frames that really do not match, this will to enable your existing items to blend in with your new look at a fraction of the cost of new and give you the satisfaction of knowing that your item is really unique.

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