Wardrobe Designs Evolved Significantly in a Few Decades

4 Feb

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Wardrobes are integral part of human bedroom design since centuries and wardrobe designs evolved from huge four-section items to modern designs where form follows function. Bedroom interior is unthinkable without wardrobes which originally are intended to help us store apparel but during the ages have become a sort of home decoration, too. Bedroom interiors vary in style and you have a wide choice of traditional and modern designs to select from, including bedroom chairs and various elements of home decoration.

Modern Wardrobe Designs Bet on Functionality

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photo by favaro JR

Apart from its function to add good looking appearance to our bedrooms, wardrobes should offer functionality and be of use where need for storing clothing appears. They can further enhance the look of the room; think of canopy beds and adding to the style with the furniture you choose to display around them. Wardrobes are an important element of childrens bedroom decor, too, for allowing kids to keep in one place not only clothing but toys and other personal belongings. Most items intended to adorn rooms of children are painted in lively colours as opposed to the dark colours used in painting wardrobes a few decades ago. Find good ideas for your bedroom interior on magazines or the Internet and try to emulate them at home.

Materials Matter

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photo by Th♥mås Lǔ

Modern wardrobe designs feature wooden, metal and plastic elements with wooden wardrobes still topping the list of the most popular home decoration of this kind. This style will allow you to also display modern accessories like DVD stands and ultra-chic spotlights in a way that they blend with the rest of the home decor. And while antique furniture stores offer solid wardrobes we all know since Victorian times but modern plastic materials gradually replace nail-studded wardrobes made of wooden materials.

Such new materials allow designers to create modular wardrobes, offering improved functionality while being less space sensitive. A corner wardrobe can save space, for instance, but it is far harder to make such a piece of furniture using wood and metals.

Affordable Prices Are Widespread

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photo by Nature form furniture

Some people might be homesick for the solid wooden wardrobes of their childhood but modern wardrobe designs also contributed to the decreasing price levels and affordability of wardrobes. A typical wardrobe now sells for around USD 500 to USD 600, on average, while it could cost fortune a century ago.

Wardrobe designs have changed to serve new purposes and meet new requirements and you will hardly find a wardrobe featuring wood-carving craftsmanship. Not that wood-carving is old-fashioned or something, but designers realized that the primary purpose of an item determines its natural beauty and functionality became a king amongst modern furnishings makers.

Moreover, wardrobe designs managed to break up the ancient idea that bedroom interiors should follow and use dark coloured schemes and today’s customers are able to enjoy vivid colours in their boudoirs. We have to admit that such an interior is far more inspiring than the one existing in our grandfathers’ bedrooms!

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