What is a Fitted Kitchen?

28 Aug

In the past, a kitchen was simply a place where people prepared and cooked food. In modern times however, where space maximization, process efficiency, and style, are prioritized, a fitted kitchen has become a valuable design. The basic fitted kitchen definition is this: a standardized kitchen lay-out where the stove, the hot and cold water sink, the refrigerator, and the kitchen cabinets are arranged in such a way that one can work from one place to another without encountering obstacles.

The Triangular Arrangement

The most natural arrangement is triangular, where the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator, are placed respectively at the vertices of the triangle. This kitchen design is very applicable for houses with minimalist interior designs because of the clean and uncluttered look. Specifically, fitted kitchen units include the single-file unit (one-way galley) where all three components are in a single line, the double-file unit (two-way galley) where two cabinet rows are along opposite rows with one row containing the sink and the stove and the other containing the refrigerator, and the L-kitchen where the cabinets are placed along two walls at right angles. In the U-kitchen, the cabinets are placed along three adjacent walls. The two-way galley, the L-kitchen and the U-kitchen are the most common units used.


Aside from containing the stove, the sink and the refrigerator, a modern version also features floor cabinets upon which kitchen worktops are located. The original worktop material was formica but now, modern kitchen cabinets have worktops made of granite, wood, marble or tiles.   Kitchen tiles for the floor and the worktops can match each other or provide a contrast. A factor to consider is durability and resistance to water since the kitchen, like the bathroom, is also exposed to water, fluids and heat most of the time.


It can feature various themes, and when it comes the design, colors, etc, it is important to allow our personality to shine through. A tropical kitchen theme can be achieved by combining tropical colors (e.g. yellows, reds and blues), using tropical decor such as decorative wire baskets (made of beads and strings) and placing soft and light kitchen curtains that allow the breeze to come in. A minimalist look can be achieved by using clean lines, moving furniture adjacent to the walls, and using elevated but accessible cupboards. If the whole house has a country decor, dark kitchen tiles and wooden worktops can be used.


While fitted kitchens are appropriate in homes which have limited space or which want a well-integrated look, some people may actually want to have an unfitted one and install mixed work surfaces and unconnected furniture. This is fine as long as the free-standing furniture do not increase the risk of mishaps in the kitchen.


Fitted kitchens prices differ depending on what kind of designs and colors are preferred. Cheap fitted kitchens are usually manufactured in a single color and feature white decor but may be bought with accessories that give a different look to the unit when interchanged. These accessories may have a magnet that facilitates the ease of attachment to a metal base. Used fitted kitchens provide a good option for people who do not have enough funds to buy a new one.

When looking for a used fitted kitchen, one should consider the age of the unit and its appropriateness according to one’s needs. If one has enough funds, more expensive brands could be considered. These bespoke units have designs and finishes that are customized to the customer’s preferences.

For more adventurous people, kitchen fitting may provide a challenging but fulfilling activity. Considerations include the availability of space, safety and the sources of gas and electricity. One can get ideas and materials at Ikea, a company that is a fitted kitchens UK provider.

When working through your home decoration, whether you’re re-vamping the room or just remodelling it from scratch, using techniques that allow you to optimize space and time will give you a great sense of accomplishment!

Photo by Lisa Sanderson **Courtsy of flickr.com

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