White Decor – Decorating with White will add Elegance and Style

6 Jan

Many people do not consider white a true color but rather a value; the union of all other colors. If you want to display white decor at home you have to be cautious as its intrinsic nature makes it a neutral color and therefore rather difficult to work with and be successful at the same time.

Black, the whole range of grays and creams – being fawn, beige, biscuit, sand, suede, etc – are all natural colors as well and so to work with black and white decor at home should also be done carefully.

Decorating With White

White as always been associated with innocence and purity. It is the color brides choose for the wedding dresses and it is also connected to spiritualism, religion, angels and peace. When it comes to home decor, decorating with black and white or just white adds lots of simplicity to any room. These neutral colors visually enlarge any given space and can even add a sense of both emptiness and infinity all combined into one mixed with a lovely touch of coolness and calm. In addition, it also enhances natural light and, on its own, it is its own light “source” due to its brightness. For example, if you want to make any room feel bigger than what it really is, all you have to do is paint the walls white and place light wooden floors. Add white bedroom furniture to your budoir and the overall result will be soft and spacious.With the right accessories like a heated mattress pad you can avoid cluttering your room with lots of unnecessary extra duvets and blankets, especially during the winter period.

Take into Consideration…

When we talk about white home decor we are also saying timeless, elegant and obviously and above all neutral. Some people might think that opting for white is the easiest choice and they can’t be further from the truth. White decor involves knowing how to play with different textures and materials that can create very different atmospheres (and not always the desired one!). Its simplicity may allow for achieving rooms that have a wonderful and romantic aura whilst harmonious.

Now, any room that has been mainly painted with white will need more maintenance than the rest. Stains and flaws will show a lot more on the walls and you will need to repaint often if you want that cleanliness and hygienic look to shine through. White blends really well with natural materials such as wood, linen or textured rugs and also mixes well with the other neutral colors like black, cream, beige or gray. Moreover, it will make the other colors appear rather dimmed thus creating textures in the room. You can also use white decor to highlight the elegance and style of certain materials and shapes. To add a fresh touch, combine with green or light cream; if you want to give your rooms a modern feel black white decor will do the job nicely while mixing it with the right accessories will add a touch of color but beware: misused, whites and creams can seem “dirty”! Also, remember that hospitals use white all through their halls, rooms and offices so you really want to avoid ending up looking like one.

Pure, Timeless and Elegant

White decoration can really look fantastic at home as it brightens it up and the idea of adding that pure touch is just lovely when done correctly. It is a very traditional color that is nowadays been used continuously in home decor magazines, showrooms and many fairs to do with decorative styles. White is most definitely back and it is considered to be very trendy at the moment.

One of the most appreciated characteristics of this color is its versatility. It is a tone that can be combined with almost any type of decoration and still manage to look good. Although it does appear as if there is only one white, you can find infinite shades for you to choose from: from eggshell to ash, apple, barley, chalk, jade, linen, marble, off white, vanilla, cotton… the choices are endless. White decorating is most definitely the most effective way to light up any dark rooms, corners or spots. ON floors with limited visual space, this color is crucial because it creates a visual sense of depth and both classical and avant-garde designers have chosen this color for its tone, calmness and relaxing feel.

When it comes to your home decoration, it could be said that any room that has been decorated with white will never go out of style. Amongst its many advantages are that it sheds much light into any room, visually expanding the space and blending nicely with almost every given shade. It is a perfect color for decorating any style, but particularly perfect if you want to achieve the minimalist interior design look. Minimalism aims to create very visually simple environments where less is more and almost any type of

white decor can help us achieve this style easily.

Photo Author:  Shho

White decor in any room will add a sense of space - Cortesy of sxc.hu - Author: shho

White decor in any Room will add a sense of space – Cortesy of sxc.hu

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