You Can Make Your Own Wire Baskets

3 Dec

The fantastic thing about wire baskets is that you can make them yourself at home. People have made an art form out of it, and the way to start is by making a few for your home decor. Also, even if they are not the best wire baskets at first, they will add a fantastic touch to any room with a country decor feel, as imperfection or ragged edge accessories are a good part of the style.

Once you start getting good at it, and if you ever thought about making a bit of extra cash on the side, you can start making them for friends and family. It will relax you and at the same time help your monthly income. If you are just looking for a wire basket to compliment your decor at home, maybe getting yourself into the trouble of learning the craft is not such a good idea. Certain design and craft shops will sell them and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Your wire baskets can be used pretty much as regular wicker baskets in the sense that you can not only use them for decorative purposes to add to your existing home decoration but also to store the little “bits and pieces” that always appear here and there. They look pretty when in the living room with sweets, candy or chocolate inside; place them in front of a mirror to add depth and shiny to any room. Candles are a nice touch but be careful if you decide to light them as the wire can get really hot. Better to place little gifts or a nice blossom of bright color. Plastic flowers also look fantastic in wire mesh baskets!

Certain places sell furniture (like wardrobes and drawing cupboards) which hold drawers that are not conventional in style (made of wood); but rather have the same appearance as a wire mesh basket that slides into the slots of the furniture. The look works really well if you want to add to the room a modern touch (again, mirrors will compliment the shiny wire).

If you want custom wire baskets because of a particular design you have in mind you either set yourself the task of learning the craft or find someone who can realize the project for you. Think of the colors that will compliment the room and general decor and have your wire basket made to order. Another option –which finds itself in between your custom desire and the lack of originality of most shops – is to buy an average basket and paint it yourself, maybe also adding a touch by placing bits of clothing on the mesh so it brings attention to the eye.

Wire baskets are not difficult to make, but require patience and attention. They will add to your home decor and also serve you as both storage and decoration.

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